Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Very First Post

Hi everyone! So, a few weeks ago, I decided to become a vegetarian easing into a vegan lifestyle. It has been something I have read about and looked into for years now. I had been slowly cutting back on beef and pork in my diet for the last year. There have been a series of events over this past year that have made eating animal products less and less appealing for me. The final straw was viewing the movie Food, Inc. in December. Wow.  I was blown away. Their catch line is "you will never look at dinner the same way" and I totally get why they say that because it is so true. I attached a link to their website and I encourage you to check it out on your own. It is very informative.

So, I am taking the plunge and I thought it would be fun to blog about it and share my thoughts, research and recipe tragedies and triumphs with all of you. I am really excited about this life-changing decision.

So, the only animal products that I will be using in my recipes will be organic eggs and organic dairy. By definition of a vegetarian that technically makes me a lacto-ovo-vegetarian. However, I am trying to limit eggs and dairy in my diet so many of my recipes will be vegan. I will also share about different interesting products that I find and like to cook with. I love to cook and am excited to experiment with new recipes and ingredients and adapt some of my old recipes too.

So, whether you are an omnivore, a vegetarian or a vegan or somewhere in-between I think you will enjoy the recipes, thoughts and facts that I share. I encourage all you omnivores out there to try these recipes out and consider eliminating meat and dairy from your diet one or a few days a week - its good for your health, good for the planet and good for all the chickens, pigs and cows everywhere!



  1. hi Kellyyyyyyy! I'm really interested in what you are doing here! Avery and I were "almost" vegans when we started dating Jason (almost 5 years ago now). He is an absolute meat LOVER, so since then he succeeded in converting his girls into total omnivores. Sometimes I wonder about what I did!! :) (Although it's been a really tasty ride - lol) But I'm curious, is Chris doing the diet as well? I don't really know how J and I would co-exist if I were to go back to this tell me if and how you are mananging that part. Also, I have years of experience with experimenting with different products, dairy & meat substitutes, etc, etc.. so I can tell you my favorites and some I still use today. I am really on board with the health and environmental aspect of the diet, however... a meat-loving husband and a fussy-eating daughter have gotten the better of me over the years... so I'll be interested to follow your progress and hopefully get inspired by you! GOOD LUCK!!
    ps - I was so sorry to hear about your parents' home - we are going to try to stop by on Saturday (benefit). I'm due in 2 weeks and not getting around much - but we'll be there if I can make it!
    Lots of love to you guys!!

  2. Tiff, thanks so much for posting your is really hard to convert your entire family too when you make a decision like this... to me that is the absolute most challenging part actually, because I would be happy eating salad and rice for dinner but I know no one else will. LOL Because of Chris' work schedule, he does eat out a few nights a week, but my main mission is to find recipes that are so good that they don't think about or realize they are missing meat. Maybe you could get away with it for a few nights a week? I would LOVE to hear more about which products you love and don't love so will save me lots of $$$! I know you are going to be VERY busy soon but hopefully we can still stay in touch over the computer at least :) Thank you so much for coming to the benefit for my meant so much to me you can't even imagine!